JF Houle_enMy name is Jean-François Houle (but you can call me Jeff, for short) and I’m a freelance illustrator. What I love is to illustrate something that will not have the same impact with any other medium. Parallel to that, I love movies, video games and tv series. Therefore, whenever I read something, I always imagine it as if it were a film, and it is one of the reasons I love to do storyboards.

I have a college degree in graphic design, specialized in illustration, and another one in marketing. I’ve worked
in both fields for a great number of years. Since I am really curious by nature, I had the pleasure of working as a graphic designer, an illustrator and/or a photo retoucher in many industries, such as:

  • Education
  • Sportswear
  • Physical conditioning
  • Wildlife management
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Automotive

What does Neoknocker means? It is a pseudonyme that I have used throughout the years on various illustration forums. It came to mind like a sudden inspiration. A knocker, or door knocker, was the ancestor of the doorbell. I like to believe that what I do, through one of the oldest known medium (with the use of modern technics, hence the term neo), allows me to open a door in someone’s mind, inciting this person to find out more about a subject.

Finally, I’m always up for new challenges. Please send me a quick message detailing the nature of your project and it’s time frame, and I will contact you as promptly as possible.